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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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  The DeLand Sun News was first published in 1876. After 115 years of operation, it was bought out by a competing paper in 1991. Publication was halted by 1992.
  This situation persisted until 2007, when the brand was revived online as a monument to this cherished local institution.
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Spotlight: Historic Athens Theater
The Athens Theatre is one of the few existing examples of a classic American theatre in Central Florida. Once the centerpiece of DeLand, the Athens Theatre is a jewel of Italian Renaissance architecture. This historic theatre was designed in 1921 by prominent Orlando architect Murray S. King and first opened its doors on January 6th, 1922. On January 5th, 1922, the eve of the theater's opening, the DeLand Daily News declared the Athens to be "Florida's Handsomest Theatre" and "a gem of architecture". The theatre's name was derived from the vision of DeLand's founder, Henry DeLand, who sought to create a city that would be the "Athens of Florida". Visit their website.

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DeLand Area News
For Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (links are updated continually)

This item in Florida has seen a rise in thefts, police say
Police in Florida – specifically DeLand – are investigating a rise in electric bikes, electric scooters and bicycle thefts.

Florida man arrested for open carrying loaded gun at bar, police say: 'It was Halloween, I could try'
Open carrying firearms is illegal under most circumstances in Florida.

Florida mom arrested when 7-year-old enters bar to find her following hours alone in unlocked car, police say
The mom said she only meant to be away for 10 minutes, but wasn't able to be located for hours.

Officer justified in handcuffing child
The handcuffing of a 12-year-old with autism at a school in DeLand was justified

Central Florida teen becomes No. 1 beginner horse rider in the country: 'I’m excited to just keep excelling'
A 13-year-old girl from Central Florida is number one in the country for horse riding.


DeLand police captain fired after allegedly using racial, homophobic slurs on the job
A captain with the DeLand Police Department has been fired after he was accused of making racist, sexist, and homophobic comments to other officers. The city released a report on Tuesday that details those allegations.

DeLand Middle School student arrested after gun found inside backpack, police say
A Florida middle school student has been arrested after officials said the student brought a gun onto campus.

Man shot, killed by law enforcement in DeLand had lengthy criminal record, sheriff says
A man was shot and killed by law enforcement officers during an altercation in DeLand on Friday afternoon.

Detectives investigating pair of DeLand shootings on same street after teen injured
Volusia County detectives said two shootings happened on the same street in DeLand just days a part. One left a teen injured and the other left a home and car riddled with bullets.

Florida veteran who had to leave apartment due to rent hike trying to avoid homelessness
A U.S. Air Force veteran is on the verge of homelessness after the rent at his longtime Central Florida apartment was raised higher than his price range.

US News
For Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (links are updated continually)

National Christmas Tree toppled by strong winds near White House
Heavy winds on Tuesday afternoon knocked down the National Christmas Tree outside the White House. It was upright again a few hours later, the National Park Service said.

Ex-WWE star "Sunny" Sytch gets 17 years in prison for DUI crash
WWE Hall of Famer Tammy 'Sunny' Sytch said she felt remorse and regret "deep in my soul" for killing Julian LaFrancis Lasseter of Daytona Beach.

Pastor disciplined after NYC church used for provocative music video
In the video for "Feather," Sabrina Carpenter is in several scenarios with men who behave badly, and then die in grisly ways.

Here's how much more you need to spend to maintain your living standard
Compared with 2021, the typical household must spend an additional $11,434 annually just to maintain their standard of living, analysis shows.

Heavy snow hits Midwest, Northeast
The first major snow of the season hit parts of the Midwest and Northeast on Tuesday, dropping more than two feet of snow in some areas, and creating whiteout conditions. Elaine Quijano reports.


Millions face freezing cold
The heavy snow is expected to end overnight, but millions of people across the country are in for freezing temperatures. The Weather Channel meteorologist Mike Bettes has the forecast.

Former presidents, first ladies honor Rosalynn Carter
Several former first ladies and presidents, including 99-year-old former President Jimmy Carter, attended a ceremony for Rosalynn Carter, who died last week at age 96. Mark Strassmann reports.

Mark Cuban says he's leaving "Shark Tank" after one more season
Cuban has appeared on "Shark Tank" since 2011 as a permanent investor, or "shark."

World News
For Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (links are updated continually)

1 confirmed dead in U.S. military aircraft crash off Japanese island
A U.S. military Osprey aircraft crashed into the ocean near the Japanese island of Yakushima with 6 people on board, and the coast guard says at least one was killed.

Yoga guru held in France on suspicion of sexually exploiting followers
A man identified as international yoga guru Gregorian Bivolaru is accused of exploiting followers and is facing charges of trafficking, kidnap and rape in France.

Israel, Hamas free more hostages and prisoners
Israel and Hamas continued freeing hostages and prisoners Tuesday amid a temporary cease-fire that could still be extended. Aid has also been flowing into Gaza. Lilia Luciano reports.

4 news photographers shot, wounded in southern Mexico
The shootings come just days after three journalists were abducted and held for days, also in the Mexican state of Guerrero, which has been the scene of deadly turf battles between gangs and cartels.

Pope Francis cancels trip to Dubai climate conference due to illness
The pope, who was slated to speak Saturday at COP28 in Dubai on climate issues, has been fighting a case of lung inflammation.


Pope Francis cancels trip to climate summit due to illness
Pope Francis will not attend the COP28 climate summit in Dubai as he deals with the flu and lung inflammation, the Vatican announced.

U.S. military flight with critical aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt
The first of three U.S. military flights arrived in Egypt with much-needed humanitarian assistance for civilians in Gaza.

5th group of hostages released after Israel, Hamas extend cease-fire
Twelve more hostages who were held in Gaza were released on Tuesday, according to the Red Cross​ and the IDF, as a temporary cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas continued into a fifth day.

Paul Whelan attacked by fellow prisoner at Russian labor camp, family says
Paul Whelan's family said a fellow prisoner hit him in the face and broke his glasses after he asked him to move out of the way.

"Rat miners" rescue 41 men trapped for 17 days in collapsed Indian tunnel
After more than 2 weeks of fruitless rescue efforts with heavy machinery in India, a team of "rat miners" managed to reach the men trapped in a tunnel in just a day.

For Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (links are updated continually)

For Wednesday, November 29, 2023 (links are updated continually)